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[Paper 21sep2021 - C. M. Finlayson et al.] | Reencuadrar la relación entre los seres humanos y los humedales mediante una Declaración Universal de los Derechos de los Humedales

Importante artículo ayer publicado: Reframing the human–wetlands relationship through a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Wetlands. [Published 21.9.2021, at Marine & Freshwater Research Journal] - by: C. M. Finlayson , G. T. Davies C D , D. E. Pritchard A E , N. C. Davidson A F , M. S. Fennessy G , M. Simpson A H and W. R. Moomaw. Acceso abierto.  Enlace:  https://www.publish.csiro.au/mf/MF21045   Ver/descargar PDF:  http://www.fundacionmontecito.org/uploads/1/2/6/1/12616542/[sep_2021]_rights_of_wetlands__mf21045__complete.pdf [...] The Declaration has been used to support efforts for improved governance of Lake Tota in Colombia (see information from Fundacion Montecito in Table S1 and http://www.fundacionmontecito.org/actividadesprincipales-gobernanza.html , accessed 30 July 2021), and is being discussed and shared with Indigenous and local communities in several countries, and thus can be explored, modified, further developed, operationalised and integrated into the existi