First Workshop with Children (subject: Bees of Lake Tota)

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First Workshop with Children

Yesterday (5th/Apr) and as a result of a team work including volunteers Matthi (GER), Pearl (USA) and Dawood (SWE) by coordination of Juanita from our NGO, and the School, we had our first Bees&Water workshop with children in the School of Guáquira (near to Lake Tota).
There were short lectures (presented on a TV screen), trivia games related to the subject, open-air activities (to make children behave and work as bees, including a proper work of collecting paper-pollen on a cardboard-beehive), and a question-answer activity, to finallize with presents to all of them (those presents were donated by the company Avant in Colombia). And later, the team went to Lake Tota shore to complete a filming footage.

This Friday we'll have a 2nd Workshop with a new group of children in that School, and also an additional one with adults in that rural community of Guáquira (municipality of Tota) where Tochua Tota is located.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all again for your support and donations which have helped to cover part of the budget. We are also moving ahead with the infraestructure designed as mentioned in previous bulletin, to have our first beehives in place soon.

Our project is tiny but important. Please share our project and efforts to your friends and networks. The more we get into its goal, the more we reckon its importance for bees, for nature, for the Lake Tota and for water, for all of us people.

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