Volunteer program, in Gámbita (Colombia)

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Our organization is a family-based ecologist Foundation, we do actions and reflections to protect andean mounts (east side of colombian andean system), its ecosystem and biodiversity, for as much as we can (which is just a bit from what is needed).
The volunteer program we offer is for either (i) interchange with some work -farm work, different options- at one lovely rural place we have in Gámbita -Santander, Col- at 1,900 mosl surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, rivers and basically a pure nature spot, close but not influenced by urban life, or (ii) cultural interchange, teaching (languages, arts, and/or different skills) to rural kids from the village, in the same nature spot previoulsly stated -Gámbita-. In both we expect al least 5 hrs of daily work, and there's a small weekly cost involved.

Images of our volunteer program in Gámbita (Santander):
Voluntariado en Gámbita

Testimony of a volunteer, in Gámbia's program: Read it here (29.1.2012).


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